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Unlocking Wealth from your Property

Equity release is playing an increasingly important role in Later Life Planning and can be a valuable tool in helping clients to meet their larger financial planning objectives. As specialists in equity release, John Lamb Hill Oldridge can advise and assist in releasing funds that are locked up in property.

With recent changes to legislation regarding pensions and inheritance tax, making arrangements for retirement and passing on wealth has become more complex.

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Equity Release can be an effective solution to the following issues:

Estate planning


Equity Release creates a debt against the estate, and if the released funds are spent or gifted then the IHT liability will be reduced. Intergenerational transfers protect family wealth whilst also providing a “living inheritance”

Later life planning care


Provisions for Care at Home can be funded using Equity Release as an alternative solution to drawing down from investments that may affect income and have tax implications

Financial Planning Tool


Equity Release can help increase cash flow as there is no requirement to make contractual monthly repayments

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